About Nagpur

Scope and Opportunities in Nagpur
Maharashtra is the most progressive state of India and is called the economic powerhouse. The state govt. of Maharashtra is making all out efforts to accelerate the pace of development and invite investments in the state both from the country as well as Foreign Direct Investments.
Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra and has strategic central location in India as well as the international aviation routes. It has a great agricultural and mineral rich hinterland with huge forests.
Nagpur is also the educational and business center of central India and it has about 27 engineering colleges and 13 Medical colleges in and around the city.
Every year about 8500 engineers and about 3000 doctors are graduating from these colleges. It has connectivity to all parts of India, both by National highways as well as main trunk rail routes and also the air connectivity.
Nagpur is also the central point between the various air routes like South Africa and North East asia, Russia and south east Asia, Europe and South East Asia, Europe and Australia. This has created a demand for a hub airport at Nagpur with Multimodal passenger and Cargo Hub.
The Nagpur hub airport will have traffic from the following aspects:

  • Growth of Origin-Destination of domestic and international traffic for Nagpur region for a radius of 500 Km due to regional development and growth, increased tourism potential and diversion from other modes.

  • Domestic hub-and-spoke traffic and international hub-and-spoke traffic.
  • Diverted traffic from other congested Indian airports and neighboring internationalairports.

The proposed international Airport will help Nagpur to emerge as a leading internationaltourist gateway for India, providing a number of new tourism route options, especially for Adventure, Wild life and Buddhist tour circuits.Currently total international tourist traffic (according to Department of Tourism GoI) to India is estimated at 2.5 million passengers per year.
The average growth over the last 15 years is around 4% p.a. According to reliable world forecasts (World Development indicators) the future foreign tourism projections to India are worked out at 3.95 Million tourists by 2010.Most leading tourist spots in the country attract anywhere between 5 to 14% of the total foreign tourists visiting India destinations (Report of the national committee on tourism- Planning Commission). Nagpur is also expected to generate this kind of traffic within next 30 years.
The potential for creating an international hub airport at Nagpur can be gauged from the fact that there is hardly any Hub Airport in a 5-hour fly-zone from India(i.e. between Dubai and Bangkok). All over the world there are clusters of hub airports within 1 to 2 hours of fly zone.
Much smaller countries around India over the years have successfully set up major hubs and are drawing huge transit traffic. India has all the ingredients- location,economy, population etc. for having not one but at least 2 major hub Airports. The current World situation clearly indicates potential new opportunities opening up
for India in near future in terms of likely shift of transit traffic at Middle East to other safer destinations like India. Easy Access to almost 10% of the potential International hubbing traffic in the form of currently 400 over-flying flights over the City (accounted by almost 55 different Airlines) has created the possibility for development of the best multi-modal infrastructure in the country within MIHAN.

Passengers Traffic Forecast – Nagpur (figures in millions)
  Sr.No. Year 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035
  Domestic Passengers 0.2 0.27 0.42 0.71 1.2 1.85 2.7 3.8
  Domestic transit Passengers   0.33 0.46 0.66 0.95 1.25 1.6 1.99
A Total Domestic 0.2 0.6 0.88 1.37 2.15 3.1 4.3 5.79
  Passengers on O-D Consideration   0.2 0.28 0.34 0.42 0.5 0.62 0.7
  Charters-Haj   0.014 0.016 0.019 0.021 0.025 0.029 0.033
  Tourists   0.032 0.078 0.2 0.39 0.78 1.39 1.94
  Passengers diversion due to congestion   0.050 0.28 0.56 0.98 1.65 2.47 3.2
  Passengers International Hubbing   0.025 0.4 1.0 1.87 3.22 5.4 7.2
B Total International   0.32 1.05 2.12 3.68 6.18 9.9 13.1
C=A+B Grand Total 0.2 0.92 1.93 3.5 5.83 9.28 14.2 18.9

With the advent of multi-tier economic growth plans being implemented by the government in the “Vidarbha” region of India, the expanse and importance of various projects has grown manifolds during last few years. The same is very much visible and is being augmented by exponential escalation in:

  • Living standard
  • Land costs
  • Business Diversifications
  • Future plans being slated by globe’s major blue chip giants
  • Investments by all major M. N. C’s during last couple of years
  • Projections by major financial institutions for forthcoming financial year
  • Interest of Governments and Administrative bodies.

This has resulted in a need to create a centralized location for well conceived,organized and executed projects that would be having an incubation duration spread over 15 years to be sequenced by an execution duration spread over next 15 years. The selection; hence, of the city based on the fact that there should be an existing infrastructure in-place; has naturally hovered over Nagpur.
Due to all these factors, in the last few years Nagpur was made home to a number of mega projects with global importance. Namely:
Multi-Modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur (M. I. H. A. N)
1) Airport Complex

  • Terminal Building with 3 fingers (2 for International & 1 for domestic traffic)
  • Parking for 40 – 60 aircrafts
  • Remote parking for 50 aircrafts
  • 36 Boarding Bridges
  • Duty free shopping center
  • 2 x 4000 m x 60m runways
  • Taxiways & Aprons
  • 6 Aircraft MRO hangers
  • Control tower & other facilities

2) Airport Facilities Complex

  • Mass Rapid Transit System (M. R. T. S.)
  • Car parking (short / long term)
  • Cargo terminals
  • Shopping complex
  • Hotel with 500 rooms
  • Commercial areas
  • Other amenities

Air Force Area – Gajraj Complex
Residential Complex
Resettlement Area for PAP’s
External Roads & Railway Exchange Yards
Butibori Special Economic Zone

Multiple themes are playing simultaneously in Nagpur meaning there is bound to be huge migration of population from neighboring places to this emergent Metro city resulting in an estimated population of close to or more than 7.5million from the current level of 3.5million in less than a decade.
Multiple themes active in Nagpur:
Mihan International airport cum cargo hub:

Will kick start the growth through arrival of 14million passengers and handling of 1million ton air cargo. Additionally, the logistics companies who will be making Nagpur their home will distribute more than 20million tones of inland cargo through rail and road.
Health City

A 3500 bedded hospital with 11 different specialties will boost medical tourism and will provide employment to more than 25000people directly and 100,000 people indirectly.
Textile SEZ

Already a famous cotton producing belt, Nagpur will experience a huge growth in production and export of textile and allied products. The employment opportunity provided by this sector will be in 100’s of thousands.


The IT SEZ’s of companies like HCL computers, MANTRI, Raheja, Dell, IBM, Hexaware will provide huge employment opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of engineers in the area.
The IT sector will provide direct employment to more than 150,000 highly educated, highly paid employees.

Manufacturing SEZ

Butibori, Asia’s second largest Industrial estate which already has large export oriented units like Indo Rama synthetics and Morarji Brembana will be boosted further with the opening of MIHAN.
Gem and Jewellery SEZ
A huge processing zone 2500Acres by Gitanjali gems will bring unprecedented economic prosperity o the region.

Food processing SEZ

Famous for its oranges, Nagpur will experience a huge growth in food processing and agro based industries due to the proximity of the consumer because of MIHAN project.
This particular sector will provide direct and indirect employment to millions of
people in the region
Travel and tourism/hospitality
Nagpur is home to the famous Indian tiger and is surrounded by mega tiger reserve forests, which will attract foreign tourists. Already 11 5/7star hotels are under construction to satisfy the demand for the upper crust of international tourists about to arrive in the area.
Real estate
Immediate demand for 500,000 new homes has prompted many big construction houses to launch their mega projects in the vicinity of MIHAN.
The construction boom will provide employment to hundreds of thousands of skilled and semi skilled people.
Result? The land prices have started jumping up and have already appreciated by 300% near MIHAN project within the last one year alone. But it’s nearly 1/50th of Metro realty price levels which leaves scope for tremendous future appreciation, thus fetching best return on investments ever, anywhere in the world.

The land prices in the vicinity of MIHAN, Nagpur are expected to keep rising on an average of 100% over the next 4-5years due to emergence of Nagpur as South East Asia’s Hub airport cum Logistics hub from where goods can be transported to anywhere in the world within 12hours.

This is the right time to capitalize on the ground situation and take a position in Nagpur Real estate. There is huge potential for all kinds of projects in this part of the world where a whole new international metro city is being built from scratch. Most leading tourist spots in the country attract anywhere between 5 to 14% of the total foreign tourists visiting India destinations (Report of the national committee on tourism – Planning Commission). Nagpur is also expected to generate this kind of traffic within next 30 years.
The potential for creating an international hub airport at Nagpur can be gauged from the fact that there is hardly any Hub Airport in a 5-hour fly-zone from India (i.e. between Dubai and Bangkok). All over the world there are clusters of hub airports within 1 to 2 hours of fly zone.
MIHAN Project
Project Brief
Multi – Modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN)
Welcome to the magnificent MIHAN, a project one of its kind in the heart of India. Spread over an area of 4354 Hectares. The Multi-modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur, would not only play a major role in the development of Vidarbha region but will benefit the state and the country as a whole. MIHAN is an Ideal business
hub, located in the geometrical centre of India and easily accessible to all the metro cities of India. A final destination for all your business related needs, supported by excellent infrastructure, easy and fast procedural systems and continuous support and service through one window operation.
Techno – Economic feasibility report for the MIHAN project was prepared by a consortium of internationally experienced consultants of repute led by L & T RAMBOLL Consulting Engineers Limited. The project would consist of:

  • International Airport – Developing the existing airport in Nagpur to internationalstandards and making it a unique Multi – modal International Passenger & Cargo Hub Airport in the world. The Multi-modal Airport would be connected to the Rail and Road Terminal for passengers and cargo, hence crating a multi-modal concept. The
    airport would consist of two parallel runways and a semi – circular terminal building admeasuring 3 million Sq. ft., which would cater to a projected traffic of 14 million passengers and 8,70,000 tons of cargo a year by 2030.
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – Spread over an area of 2086 Hectares. The SEZ adjacentto the Nagpur airport will be an added advantage and trigger development of various activities in the region, with ample business incentives, trade concession and above all one window operation creating an efficient environment, committed entirely to do business. This SEZ would consist of:
    • Information Technology Park (I. T. Park) – Developing a state-of-the-art InformationTechnology Park covering an area of about 500 Ha., It would meet all the requirements of setting and operating an IT industry.
    • Health City – Spread over an area of 40 Ha. It would consist of a number of multispecialty hospitals providing super specialty treatments of international standard levied at Indian cost to meet the needs of not only the surrounding states but also the neighboring and other countries. It would also consist of a training institute for nurses and medical technicians.
    • Power Plant – This Eco friendly coal based power plant would generate uninterruptedquality power to meet all the electricity consumption needs of the entire SEZ, at most economical rates.
    • Manufacturing & Other Value Added Units – These would consist of Textile and GarmentZone, Gem & Jewellery Zone, Food Processing Zone and other sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Financial & Insurance Service and Bio Medical Sector.

The project would also be facilitated with a Rail and Road Terminal admeasuring 200 Hectares, with warehousing facilities & other ancillary to meet the logistic needs of the project, the region and the state. It would also consist of an International school with Spanish and French speaking teaching centre, which would suffice the
educational needs of the children of the employees working in the MIHAN project. A full fledge recreation center for people to be entertained and spend their leisure time and adjoining the SEZ will be a top grade residential and commercial complex with entertainment facilities like golf course, Multiplex, Flying Club etc.

Project Status

  • MAHARASHTRA AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD. has been constituted by Governmentof Maharashtra to have focused attention for speedy planning and implementation of MIHAN Project.
  • Nagpur Airport has been declared as International Airport for Passenger & CargoOperation by Government.
  • The Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for setting up MIHAN project has been carriedout by a consortium of Internationally reputed consultants led by M/s. L&T Ramboll Consulting Engineers Ltd.
  • MADC is also declared as a Special Planning Authority for MIHAN project area bythe Government of Maharashtra under Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act 1966.
  • Business Plan for the MIHAN – SEZ has been prepared by M/s. Scott Wilson KirkpatrickIndia Pvt. Ltd.
  • The MIHAN, SEZ has been granted notification by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt.of India.
  • Total land area being acquired for MIHAN project is around 4025 Hectares, out ofwhich 2086 Hectares will be used for Special Economic Zone. Till date 2468 Hectares of land has been acquired. The acquisition for the remaining land is being done on fast track basis.
  • The Draft Development Plan and Development Control Regulations have been preparedby YASHADA, Pune.
  • Geotech Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has completed the geotechnical investigations forthe MIHAN Project.
  • M/s. Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE), have given the BBB(L) credit ratingfor the MIHAN project.


Project Water Supply & Sewage System
Consultant M/s. Kirloskar Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Contractor M/s. Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.225 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 204.89
Progress 91.06%
Project Road Network & Related Elements
Consultant M/s. SPAN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Contractor M/s. PBA Sadbhav Joint Venture
Project Cost
About Rs.190 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 158.35
Progress 83.34%
Project Rail Over Bridge & Interchange
Consultant M/s. Consulting Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Contractor M/s. AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.75 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 56.33
Progress 75.10%
Project Storm Water Channel Network
Consultant M/s. SPAN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Contractor M/s. PBA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.11 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 7.86
Progress 75.50%
Project Power Distribution Network Including Sub-Station
Consultant M/s. Mott MacDonald
Contractor M/s. Jyoti Structures Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.125 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 75.49
Progress 60.39%
Project Telecommunication Network & Telecom Exchange Building
Consultant (P&D) M/s. TATA Tele Services (Maharshatra) Ltd.
Consultant (P&D) M/s. Matrix Technical Services (P) Ltd.
Contractor M/s. Duraline India Pvt. Ltd./ Sadiq & Co. Engineer & Builders
Project Cost
About Rs.20 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th June 2009: 20
Progress Project has been completed
Project Central Facility Building
Design Consultant M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (ECC Division)
Consultant (PM) M/s. Matrix Technical Services (P) Ltd.
Contractor M/s. Shapoorji Palloonji & Co.Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.55 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 48.82
Progress 88.76%
Project Boundary Wall around SEZ
Design Consultant M/s. SPAN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Contractor M/s. J. K. Pre – Stressing Works
Project Cost
About Rs.8 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 8.67
Progress 108.35%
Project Fire Station
Design Consultant M/s. Matrix Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.
Contractor M/s. Yeses Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.5 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 2.10
Progress 42.00%
Project Street Lighting
Design Consultant M/s. Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
Contractor M/s. Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
Project Cost
About Rs.22 Crore Cost of Work Done till 30th April 2009: 9.90
Progress 45.02%
  • Development of the Modern Township in MIHAN project on about 31 Acres has been awardedto M/s. Reatox Builders & Developers the construction work has began and M/s. Mahindra

    Bebanco Developers Ltd. have been allotted about 25 Acres for the same.

  • The Environmental Clearance for MIHAN and related infrastructure has been obtainedfrom Ministry of Environment & Forest. The MOEF has already given the Environment

    Clearance for the MIHAN project.

  • Leading IT Companies like M/s. TATA Consultancy Services Ltd, M/s. Satyam ComputerServices Ltd., M/s. HCL Technologies Ltd., M/s. Wipro Technologies Ltd., M/s. Hexaware

    Technologies Ltd. have taken land to set up their IT operations in the MIHAN, SEZ.

  • Leading Developers like M/s. L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Ltd., M/s.DLF Ltd., M/s. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd., M/s. Ascendas, M/s. Ambuja Realty

    Development Ltd., M/s. RMZ Corp. and M/s. Karamchand Realtech Pvt. Ltd. have been

    alloted land for setting-up IT park in the MIHAN, SEZ.

  • MADC has constantly persuaded Airlines to operate from Nagpur. Jet Airways, andSimplifly Deccan, Indigo already have daily flights to Nagpur. Air Arabia has started

    operations to Saharja, Indian have started operations to Bangkok, Air India Express

    have flights to Dubai and Qatar Airways have began flights to Doha and other domestic

    airlines have approached MADC for night parking.

  • A Consortium of Bankers has sanctioned a loan of Rs.4000 Million and the State Govt.has allocated Rs.1000 Million for the MIHAN project.

Project Benefits

  • MIHAN has a strategic location, as it’s at the geometrical center of the countryand is easily accessible by road and rail.
  • Multi-modal International Hub Airport integrated with Rail and Road terminal willgive an excellent Multi-modal transport system for Passengers and Cargo and save

    huge logistic cost.

  • Project offers good returns on investments made.
  • Availability of free hold land at reasonable rates.
  • Availability of world-class infrastructure at economical rates will enhance operations.
  • In-House Power Plants will ensure uninterrupted and quality power supply throughwell-planned distribution network.
  • Adequate quantity of water supply.
  • Easy availability of raw materials from vast catchments area.
  • Availability of qualified and skilled manpower at economic wages.
  • Inherent benefit of low cost of living compared to other cosmopolitan cities.
  • Strong Administrative Support.
  • One window operation with simple and fast application procedure.
  • Fully Transparent Dealing.
  • No limit on investments.