Company Profile

Parkland Plotters & Structures Ltd PPSL was established as a premier real estate development company. Customers have trusted company to deliver innovation and excellence in a broad variety of fields. PPSL brings the Group Philosophy to the real orchard industry by continually raising its performance and thereby remaining the most professional, reliable and accomplished company in the country. PPSL is firmly committed to provide excellence in everything it does. The management takes this promise seriously and it drives it’s organization at all steps of operations. Firstly, possible locations for development. The company has thorough procedures for forecasting the potential of location and is lead by a team of highly qualified managers with years of experience in the real estate industry. Once a location has been identified as potential development opportunity, PPSL works with only the best landscape architects, project managers to bring the project to life. PPSL Surpasses international standards in everything it does; all the systems infrastructure employed by the organization are calibrated to match the best available.PPSL has become a highly successful business due to a simple philosophy: reliability and excellence of service coupled with the use of the best resources available.PPSL believes in constant improvement and sees enormous opportunities for growth in the coming years. India is a booming economy and is dramatically increasing the need for quality real estate. Company is now ideally situated to build on its successful beginning by leveraging the established brand image to achieve exponential growth.

  • Management role is one of support rather than micro management
  • Direct Public offering Program allows Investor to earn top return while appreciation is assured handsomely.
  • Investor can participate in building the PPSL through sponsorship and share in the continued revenue of the sponsorship / earning. Property development sector is already amongst the fastest growing in the world and in the coming decades is poised to emerge as one of the largest in the world.

Company firmly believes that it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the increased need for excellence in Real estate.

Today, PPSL through its subsidiaries and affiliates, is one of the few publicly-owned property firms that offers a full-range of services, including property development, sales and marketing, and property management. The Company undertakes real estate projects and developments through its subsidiaries, namely: (i) PARKLAND REALITIES AND INFRA PVT.LTD., (ii) PARKLAND DEVELOPERS .

As one of the most highly experienced real estate companies in the industry, the Company has developed and sold over 5 lacs Sq .ft. of Land in the centre of INDIA city Nagpur.

As for property management, the Company’s subsidiary, PARKLAND REALITIES , is involved in a full range of services —from lease and sales to facilities management and auction services — and has successfully earned a steady clientele of third-party property owners and managers. To date, PARKLAND REALITIES, currently an affiliate of the Company, manages 5 Projects of layout development comprising to 5 Lacs Sq.ft. . Through PARKLAND property management services, the Company is able to ensure that the projects it develops maintain their asset value, and are safe and secure.

The Parent Company has emerged as a strong player in the real estate industry, earning a reputation for actively revolutionizing housing and Land Development concepts in the country. Among its pioneering contributions is the Fully-Fitted and Fully-Furnished (“FF/FF”) concept, now an industry standard in real estate.

In the near future, as PARKLAND GROUP continues on its mission to broaden the experiences of, and build premium homes and Developed Layouts for INDIANS from all walks of life, and foresees a place among the top five firms in residential real estate sales and development in the country.